Getting Started

Before going into the tutorials, follow the instructions below to prepare your environment.


Before starting these tutorials, it is assumed that you have a very basic knowledge about ROS environment and setting-up a catkin workspace. If not, you need to follow

You can also start with watching the tutorials of ROS Background


Learn ROS and get your ROS certificate by enrolling in the Udemy course (Highest Rated course) ROS for Beginners: Basics, Motion and OpenCV.

Learn about ROS2: ROS Next Generation by enrolling in the Udemy course ROS2 How To: Discover Next Generation ROS

Setup gaitech_doc ROS Package

First, download the lastest version of the gaitech_edu package from this github link. Then, unzip the package into your catkin workspace. Compile the package to make sure that all is running as expected. If you have compilation errors, check if it is related to some missing dependencies. In such a case, download them and compile again.